What’s new? May 2017

     Spring has been busy! Raising some new baby chicks.

Repairing patches of the lawn. Planting tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers.

            I’ve written a very short note concerning a term, and an insight of recent acquisition. You can access it: “Punishment Death vs Second Death”.

     I continue trying to improve the studies - to make them more understandable.

    The latest posting is an improved edition of the study, “Three Days and Three Nights”. I am pretty main-stream on this one (for a change). I believe Jesus died on (what we could call) a Friday and rose at dawn of a Sunday. The reason He could also be “in the heart of the earth” for 72 hours, has to do with His suffering. The period of His suffering must be included in “the heart of the earth” experience. And “the heart of the earth” was Jerusalem. The expression was not a Hebrew idiom for the tomb. But I will let you read the whole study.

     The number of visitors to Prophecy Viewpoint has risen to just above or below 10,000 per month - from countries around the world, almost all of them English speaking. If I had some extra funds, I would hire a translator, so we could present the studies in Spanish. We are praying about that. I have an invention “utility patent - pending”. So it could be the LORD will grant us funds to expand Prophecy Viewpoint.

Please remember us in your prayers.

Rachel Cory-Kuehl



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