Our Mission Statement


1. To present Jesus Christ as the divine Son the God, and to give reasons for belief in His resurrection from the dead.


2. Believing that eternal life with God, is completely dependent upon trust, our goal is to help individuals come to trust God the Father and Christ His son.

3. To dispel errors of belief, which lead to distrust of the Father and His Son.


It is impossible to perfectly trust a supernatural being who says you must love Him with all your heart, or be tortured for eternity.


It is impossible to perfectly trust a supernatural being, if you believe that Being is capable of torturing you, or someone you love forever.


4. To present faith as the basis of salvation.


Salvation is not about perfect obedience to a set of rules. It is about faith, and faith is about belief with trust. If you believe that God is, you believe that He loves you, and you trust that HE has your best interest at heart, then you will do what HE asks. Action flows from faith.


It is not humanly possible to change ones’ own heart, to trust and love God - to see things as Jesus sees them. We are completely dependent upon the Father and His Son, with their army of angels to protect us from the evil ones, to teach us Their ways, to change our thinking, and finally to heal our bodies - giving us eternal life.


5. To present God’s law as His covenant, a guide to Christian lifestyle. He has promised to write this law on our hearts. This is the New Covenant promise.


6. To strengthen believers and prepare them for the difficult time ahead, through study of the prophecies concerning the last days and the ages to come.


We want to identify those deceptions which Satan will use in the last days to deceive even “the elect.”

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