After 10 years as a nurse and 34 years as a nurse anesthetist, I retired in 2011. Presently I live with my husband of 43 years, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 8 chickens, on a small homestead near a small town in East Texas. Obviously the studies on this website were not all written within the last 10 years. They are the work of some 37 years.

      I was raised by a believing Seventh-day Adventist mother. I like to think that I have been especially blessed, because I was “baptized” the first time when my mother was 6 months pregnant with me. I was baptized again when I was 10, and with all my young heart I loved Jesus. I was baptized the third time when I was 19. An evangelist preacher convinced me that my commitment as a child was inadequate. Then I went off to college and fell away from faith.

      I did not personally “meet” Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord until 1980. It was a shock to my husband of less than a year, who thought he had married a 70's flower child. It took him another 8 years to make the commitment to Christ as Master of his life, but he has never looked back. The LORD provided several dramatic miracles to help him along. Klaus and I were baptized together in 1989. We remained Seventh-day Adventist for another 10 years, finally leaving that denomination in 1998, because we came to doubt the prophetic gift of Ellen G. White.

      I have had years of personal experience with Seventh-day Adventist, Herbert Armstrong, Messianic and Hebrew Roots teachings. Klaus and I hold many beliefs in common with the different Sabbath keeping denominations, but we also hold some beliefs that are not “main stream” among Sabbath keepers. Those beliefs concern “the rest of the dead,” and the reign of Christ on the earth at the 8th millennium (The 8th Day).

      A summary of our beliefs and detailed studies of each of those beliefs can be found on our website: www.prophecyviewpoint.com. I will just mention that I use the name Jesus Christ along with Yeshua Messiah because there are Christians coming to this site who are not familiar with the Hebrew names and terms.

      Klaus is still working as a PA (Physician Assistant). He is the computer-internet geek for the website. Rachel writes the studies. We are trying to use our talents to further the Gospel, and ask that you pray for us.

Shalom and Blessings,

Rachel Cory-Kuehl


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