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Because He Loves Us

Compiled 2012 by Rachel Cory-Kuehl

Edited September 10, 2021

Scripture from the NKJV unless otherwise noted.

            We are drawn to HIM as we are made aware of His love for us. He has invested each one of us with inestimable value, and will do everything divinely possible to reconcile us to Himself. This said, let’s consider the nature of man and the great plan of God for his redemption.

            If God created man immortal, then his spirit (or soul) must live on after physical death. It must exist consciously somewhere. The righteous would go to be with the LORD, and the unrepentant wicked to a place of unending separation from God. But what of those who were ignorant of the LORD and of His law? What about children? Where would they go? To “Hell?” That seems grossly unjust. They had no choice. They were never informed. They never heard or understood. Yet to allow them entrance into glory without choice, also seems unfair. They did not choose to serve the LORD or invite the indwelling of His spirit. How could their continued harmonious integration into the society of the redeemed be assured without some manipulation of their minds? And if the LORD will manipulate minds, then why didn’t He just exercise that prerogative in the first place, in Eden - and skip this whole mess!


            You see why God’s creation of man - as mortal - was the perfect design. With death an unconscious suspended animation (a “sleep”) there is no need to send the conscious spirits of the ignorant or immature anywhere.

            Continuing in this vein, if the LORD has retained the essence (spirit) of each person, what will He do with those who died in ignorance? Will He simply retain their spirit essence forever in suspended animation? If He loves each one, and greatly desires a relationship with any who are willing, how could He effectively end their lives without giving them the opportunity to respond to His invitation? He could not! The only question is, “When?” When will these human beings be resurrected to continue their lives? The only opening in time that “fits” with the Scriptures is The 8th Day.

            Some have suggested that the LORD does not retain the essence (spirit) of those who died in ignorance. He simply leaves them dead like the animals. This theory just will not wash! The LORD loves these people. They are His created children. To leave them forever, is to give them no more value than a cow or a canary. No way!

            Most believers today would agree that to intentionally end the life of a developing fetus is a sin against God, who gives life. If God Himself gave life to a human being and then allowed that life to end eternally without hope (simply because that individual lived in ignorance), that seems infinitely worse - to me, or at least on par with abortion. Because the LORD could resurrect these millions, and then allow them to continue their lives, to hear the truth about Himself, and then to enter into (or reject) an informed personal covenant relationship with Himself.

            I have heard the question asked quite often. Why was not this 8th day resurrection of the ignorant masses - with its invitation to eternal life - spelled out more clearly in the Scriptures? Answer: His plan was prophesied. It is there, but it takes some knowledge of the ancient commands and feasts to “see” it. And some “help” from Him of course. I personally believe our LORD did not want The 8th Day clearly understood until very near the end of this age. It might have had a dampening effect on His command to “go and teach” all nations. Jesus also did not tell his disciples that He would not return for another 2000 years, for the same reason. Now - as we approach the end of this age, it is important that the character and righteous justice of the LORD be made known. The Scriptures are full of clues, and even actual descriptions. We just did not “see” it - until the time was right.

            Our God is not unjust, and it is time that an explanation is given concerning the LORD’s plan for those who have lived and died in ignorance or immaturity. Here I could include another list of the conclusions from each of the studies at this website, but the reader (that’s you) can easily pull up those pages. I would rather reflect upon the character of our God - His fairness, His justice, His love for each and every human being - and how that character is revealed in His plan.

            “Father forgive them. They know not what they do.” These words were gasped out by our dying Savior. His prayer encompasses the whole of humanity. Is the Father not to honor this prayer? But how? How is He to forgive those who died in ignorance? They must be raised to life if they are to recognize their lost condition, to learn of a Savior, to confess their sins and to ask for forgiveness. When? When will they be raised to continue their lives? The only time frame which agrees with Scripture and prophecy is The 8th Day. I will end with a story.

            Two young men, both aged 17, go out hunting on the African plain. They are best friends, having grown up together in the same small village. They are captured by Arab slave traders, marched to the coast in chains, and then loaded onto a ship bound for South Carolina. During the voyage, one of the boys becomes very ill. As he dies in the arms of his friend, the surviving young man whispers, “I will never forget you.”

            Upon reaching Charleston, the survivor is put on the auction block and sold as a slave. But this young man is bought by an abolitionist, who educates him in basic English, frees him and then sends him to school in England. This young man is told the story of Christ, and learns to read the Bible. Given his freedom, this man becomes a minister of the gospel. He spends the rest of his 82 years sharing the good news of salvation with slaves and former slaves.

            When Christ returns and this man is raised to eternal life, what will be one of the first questions he will ask upon arriving in the Father’s House? ------- “What about my friend? I want to tell Him about Jesus. I want to tell all of them.” His guardian angel will answer with a smile, “You will see him again, because Jesus wants that too.”


We pray you have been blessed by the studies on The 8th Day.

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