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by Rachel Cory-Kuehl, July 2014

Scripture from NKJV unless otherwise noted.

      It has come to my attention that many of those who have supported this website have come under intense attack. Believers understand that evil angels exist. They understand that we are in a war, and we fight on the LORD’s side, or we will function as enemies of Christ. Others will simply become collateral damage. We also understand that those seeking to be used effectively by Christ will come to the attention of the enemy who will engage in measures to neutralize their witness.

      Most New Covenant believers do NOT understand what demonic oppression, or harassment can feel like. Let me give you some examples:

      Constant feelings of inferiority, or thoughts of suicide

      A voice in your mind telling you that you are a loser,

            or you have failed as a wife, a friend, a husband, a dad, or a child of God.

      A constant (or intermittent) voice in the mind telling you that you are fat, or ugly,

            or unlovable, or unforgivable, damaged goods, or dirty, or lazy, or stupid.

      A voice in the mind says you are weird and no one will like you.

      A voice that tells you that you cannot trust your “husband/wife” or your child.

A voice prompts you to nag your spouse or your children over and over,

            because it’s up to you to see they are saved.

      A voice that reminds you of past injuries inciting you to resentment, anger or vengeance.

      A voice that tells you that you really want (some sin) and then accuses you when you indulge.

      When you try to study your Bible, you become very sleepy.

      A voice in your mind tells you that this is waaay to complicated for you to understand.  

NOTE: He is not called “the accuser of the brethren” simply because he accuses us before God. If you hear a “voice” which uses the word “you” then you may be hearing thoughts that a demon is speaking to your mind. (“You’re stupid” - for instance.)

      If any of this sounds very familiar, then you have probably come under attack. This is WAR. Whom do you think the demons are most likely to attack? Believers of course!! Their mission is to cripple your witness, your joy, and if possible to drag you back into unbelief. They will do anything to silence the witness for the truth.


Remember: Satan is a liar, and the father of lies! (John 8:44)

      And yes - demons can actually attack physically. They can and do cause sinking or fainting spells, usually when one is about to study or to write something the demons do not want understood or explained. They can cause mysterious pains in the body as they attempt to keep the person from doing something of importance in the cause of Christ.

      PLEASE learn the methods of the enemy, and how to use the authority given you under Christ to fight back!! I am reviewing several books which were recommended to me on this topic. I will post the best resources as I find them. And please do send me your recommendations.


1. “Spiritual Warfare - Christians, Demonization, and Deliverance” by Dr. Karl I. Payne


While I do not agree with the author that demons may be banished directly to “the pit” or that Hell is a present place of torment, I found this a great resource. Dr. Payne has been a Baptist Pastor, Chaplin and educator for more than 30 years.


2.   “Winning Spiritual Warfare - Steps to Freedom in Christ” by Neil T. Anderson, published by Harvest Pocket Books.


Anderson believes in the immortality of the soul, and therefore in a present place called “Hell”. I do not agree with his understanding of man’s state in death or with his belief that our God is one being who manifests in three ways - a Trinity. This small pocket book I found useful for a very honest personal inventory of those sins or practices which may give demonic powers legal grounds for possession or harassment. I thought Anderson’s “list” of sins or practices was very good, though I do not agree with him that membership in denominations such as Jehovah’s Witness or others which he identifies as “cults” give demonic powers legal grounds for presence in the lives of believers.

We pray this commentary will prove a blessing.

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