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A number of folks have written to the website lately, asking where they can find a "congregation" or "faith fellowship" where the folks believe as I teach at Prophecy Viewpoint. I can't give you much help there. My husband and I live in a very small town in East Texas. There is no "congregation" nearby where folks share our unique set of beliefs. Yes, we have a few friends here who hold the beliefs that we share, but not many.

"The Church of God 7th Day" believes in the Sabbath, the unconscious state of the dead, Hell as annihilation, God as the Father who beget Jesus His Son (as opposed to a Trinity) ... and they do not have a "prophet" as the Seventh-day Adventists believe they do in Ellen White. The COG7D commemorate the Feast Days, which is great. They believe that Christ will reign on this earth during the upcoming 7th millennium. (I of course, believe he will reign during the 8th millennium.) They also believe that Jesus died on a Wednesday, and I believe there is more evidence for a Friday crucifixion. The COG7D tends to be patriarchal. They do not allow women to be Elders or leaders of congregations. They also do not allow women to teach mixed groups of adults. You can find their statement of beliefs at their website.

I personally do not feel called to "pastor" a congregation, only to teach.

The "Hebrew Roots" congregations are also a possibility. You can learn a great deal about the ancient ways and their connection to Christ and His work. The individual congregations go by different names. They are generally independent from one another, and may hold some different viewpoints concerning doctrines. Most teach that God is not a Trinity. They differ in their beliefs concerning the state of the dead, and the final "Hell".

I'm a little less comfortable recommending the HR congregations, because of their emphasis on singing and praying in Hebrew. While it is good to learn the language for the purpose of study, I believe our God accepts prayer and praise in any language. The Apostle Paul wrote to the congregations he founded in Greek - not Hebrew. He did not call Jesus, "Yeshua".

The HR teachers do NOT believe that we are now under a "New Covenant". They teach only a "renewed covenant" which means a literal keeping of every command written in the Torah, including the sacrifice of animals at a restored Temple on the Mount at Jerusalem. If you have read my series on the Law at our website, you know that I believe that we are under a NEW COVENANT, and the Sinai Covenant with the animal sacrifices and the exclusive Aaronic priesthood, is now obsolete. The HR congregations also believe that Christ will reign on earth - over "the nations" who survive the last plagues - during the upcoming 7th millennium. So far, they have not welcomed the concept of "The 8th Day".

I realize this was not much help for you. It is very difficult to be without a faith family. Sometimes we have to be like Abraham, wandering in the wilderness. I realized many years ago, that I really did not "fit in" anywhere. The HR folks do not like my teaching that Christ will reign during

the 8th millennium, and my teaching that we are under a "New" Covenant. The mainline churches of course, do NOT like my teaching on the unconscious state of the dead, and the sacredness of the Sabbath, and that our God is not a Trinity.

I think of all the folks who come to the PVP website as my congregation. We are getting ready to do some video teachings. I will need to consult with someone concerning makeup for the camera. I look a hundred years old with the HD. If you start your own congregation, you can always stream the website teachings onto a big screen TV.

I think of Paul, who kept moving from place to place to place. He made a few friends in each place, but he never really had one congregation that he called "home". Someday, in the Kingdom, Paul will be astounded at the size of his congregation.

Remember: When "The LORD is with me. I am not alone."

I pray HIS blessing for you.

Rachel Cory

Prophecy Viewpoint

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