Love and Marriage

The Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman has hit the nail on the head with this one! This is simply one of the best relationship books ever written. Both my wife and I read the book and completed the action items, and it has helped our marriage immensely. Chapman's insight into how to keep your partner's "love tank" full is innovative and practical. The book is written in easy to read chapters, and Chapman cites his work with other couples to illustrate specific points. By doing so, he gives the reader a "real world" examples of how understanding your partner's love language will strengthen your relationship and open communication. The reader can easily relate to these examples and identify with their challenges, and subsequent victories. My wife and I recommend this book to every couple we know, whether their relationship is good, bad or other. This book can be a marriage-saver.

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The Five Languages of Apology

Relationships are fragile. And whether fractured by a major incident or a minor irritation, the ensuing emotions can often feel insurmountable preventing the relationship from moving forward or the offended from moving on. In order to make things right, something more than "sorry" is needed. #1 New York Times bestselling author Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas have teamed up to deliver this groundbreaking study of how we give and receive apologies. It's not just a matter of will, but it's a matter of how you say, "I'm sorry" that ultimately makes things right with those you love. This book will help you discover why certain apologies clear the path for emotional healing, reconciliation, and freedom, while others fall desperately short.

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Smart Love

Smart Love - A Field Guide for Single Adults

Whatever the state of your love life (or lack of one), you can stop drifting in and out of relationships and start having more control, says Nancy Van Pelt, whose seminars on dating and love have helped thousands achieve lasting love.
While this book is put out by a Christian publisher it is not overly religious, but the kind of advice you would receive from a wise friend on how to take relationships slowly and prudently to prevent common dating and relationship disasters. It gives good examples from psychology literature and samples of actual relationship experiences.
Some may say that the advice given in this book are all common sense and that may be true, but it is not a common practice. After reading this book I found out that high divorce rate and marriage problems are not only because people choose a unsuitable partner but just as well because of poor marriage preparation. If you are single and dreaming of a happy marriage, reading this book may help a lot to make your dream come true and save you from disaster.

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Men are from Mars

Men are From Mars - Women are From Venus

I bought this book back in 1989, to read on the plane coming home from Alaska. Of course, I almost immediately started chuckling. Klaus (my husband), kept looking over my shoulder trying to see what was so funny. He would read a short section and very seriously ask, "What's so funny, that's right!"
This book helped us at a very stressful time. I was going thru some trash at work, and I would talk about it to Klaus, as wives do. Klaus would clam up, and retreat. Only later, from reading about "Men from Mars" did I come to realize that Klaus thought I wanted him to take action, to fight my dragon, to go beat them up. But he couldn't, so that was VERY stressful for him.
After we got home, Klaus asked if he could read "my book". It helped him to understand that women NEED to talk about things, over - and - over and over again, till they can work it out in their own heads. They don't WANT their husband to do any battle. They just want him to listen. Now - ladies, the LORD has provided us with women friends who understand our need to talk, who will listen without getting all worked up thinking they have to DO something.
Klaus has given the book as a wedding present ever since he read it. We both highly recommend it.

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