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December 29, 2018

            Have you visited the Recommended Readings and Resources page on the PVP website?

I read books and magazines by the dozen, and watch lots of videos. I post only those I especially liked, onto the PVP recommendations page. I’ve recently added several to the list of recommended Creation Science videos. Watched a great one this morning by Dr Stuart Burgess, published by Creation Ministries International, titled “Inspiration Creation”. Terrific lecture!

            I like things that fit together - that are well designed. Creation Science fits into that category, and so does fulfilled prophecy, which is all about mathematical probabilities.

            We are still working to improve the website. The translation of pages does not allow for printing of whole pages. We are working on that.

            I’ve written a short interpretation study on Zechariah Chapter 4. Not sure where to place it into the website. Probably will place it into the Books of the Bible collection with the audio lectures.

            Many blessings for this coming year. Please do keep us in your prayers.

Rachel Cory

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