Review and Disclaimer

March 24, 2016

            From time to time I post links to study material - books, articles, websites - that I have found very informative. Recently a young study enthusiast joined a theology forum that I belong to. I was impressed with his extensive and well referenced research. He does not have a website, and has not yet published a book, though I hope he will at some point. So with his permission, I am posting a study he wrote on “The 7th Head” of Revelation’s Beast power. He believes that “head” represents Islam.

            Please understand. I am NOT saying that I personally believe (at this point) that the 7th “head” IS Islam. I am saying that one should study history. One should study the Scriptures. One should study the views of others. This is the only way to finally arrive at one’s own understanding of prophecy, with much humble prayer.

            I know you will enjoy the study. I did. Rachel

Click HERE to read: “The Seventh Head of the Beast of Revelation” by Thomas Iglesia


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