Gog and Magog
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 - The Final Rebellion - compiled by Rachel Cory-Kuehl 2011

Last edited December 2016

Scripture is from New King James Version unless otherwise noted


Revelation 20:7-9 “Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle, whose number is as the sand of the sea. They went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the

      saints and the beloved city. And fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured     them.”




At the Second Coming, there will be a great resurrection. Multitudes will be raised from the dust (Daniel 12:2-3). Those who have lived in rebellion against God and His law, will hear judgment pronounced against them. They will be left to die in the plagues. Their bodies will be consumed in the fire which will “burn up” the earth.


The redeemed will go with Christ to the place which He has prepared, in the Father’s House. For a thousand years, they will prepare to serve as priests under Christ. They will be healed from the effects of living in the war zone we call this life. The earth will lay desolate and uninhabited during this millennium, except for Satan and his angels who will be confined here.


At the end of the 7th (sabbath) millennium, Israel redeemed with Christ their King, will return to the earth. They will restore the waste places and rebuild the ruined cities. They will raise up a city on Mt. Zion, and a Temple - the Temple seen by Ezekiel the prophet. The healing river will flow out from this Temple, and the earth will come back to life - animals and fish and birds - and people.


Those raised to continue their lives at the start of this 8th millennium will be those who were not called of God during the first age. They will be those who because of immaturity, or disability, or circumstance, could not make an informed choice for the LORD.


It is only right and just that these people have the opportunity to choose. It is also right and just that they must choose, either to serve the LORD or to rebel against Him. Every human being must fulfill the same requirements - for citizenship in the family of God - belief resulting in obedience based upon love and respect. Before they can choose, these people must HEAR and UNDERSTAND the truths of God.


Israel redeemed will act as “a kingdom of priests” to teach and govern those raised to continue their lives at “the 8th day”. It is always the case, when “the ways of the LORD” are presented, that some will accept His ways, and some will rebel against them. Before the Gog-Magog rebellion, all of the people raised at the 8th millennium will have learned the truth - that God IS, and He has a LAW which is non-negotiable


Many of those raised at The 8th Day will come up to Mount Zion, and will give their allegiance to Christ as Savior, LORD and King. They will learn “His ways,” and they will choose to “walk in His paths.” Christ will even taken some of these people for priests, to help govern, and for Levites to work in support of the Temple (Isa. 66:21).


NOTE: The “sons of Zadok” were priests, loyal to King David when Absalom rebelled (2 Sam 15, Eze. 44:15, Eze. 48:11). They are a type of those priests, who will be loyal to King Yeshua Messiah, when Satan leads a rebellion.



Ezekiel 39:27When I have brought them back from the peoples and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands,”. . . The LORD will be “hallowed in them in the sight of many nations.”


NOTE: If you just clicked on this chapter because you were looking for information about the Gog-Magog Battle, you might want to read some of the studies/chapters which led up to this one. Click HERE to go to the page where all the studies/chapters of “The 8th Day” are listed. You will see that this Gog-Magog chapter/study is one of the final chapters.




If the fate of all mankind was decided at the Second Coming, then why allow Satan to “deceive” once again? Very simply, there are many individuals who have not yet made a decision either for or against Christ as LORD. The “rest of the dead” - those who are raised at the 8th millennium have yet to make this choice.


Satan demands the right to test each one. God’s justice requires that all be tested. Their motives must be made manifest by their actions. (This is because they will finally be judged by their actions.) It follows then, that the multitudes - raised to life following the 7th millennium - have not yet been tested. They must learn of Christ and “His ways,” and then they must choose - to serve Him, or to rebel.



Let me just remind you once more: This battle takes place during the 8th millennium! This is NOT a final battle, prior to the return of Christ in glory.


Revelation 20:7-9 “Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle.


We must remember that this is prophecy, and it may include symbolism. Those peoples, tribes and leaders who were ancient enemies of God’s people, may simply represent the enemies of the LORD in this account of a future battle. Gog is a strong leader - controlled by Satan. The LORD says that He will pull Gog towards this battle in a way that he cannot resist. But God always assumes responsibility for what He allows Satan to do.


We suggest the study: “The Wrath of God - A Different View.


From the Complete Jewish Bible


Ezekiel 38:2-6 [A vision] “Human being, turn your face toward Gog (of the land of Magog), chief prince of Meshekh and Tuval; and prophesy against him. Say that Adonai ELOHIM says, 'I am against you, Gog, chief prince of Meshekh and Tuval. I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with all your army, horses and horsemen, all completely equipped, a great horde with breastplates and shields, all wielding swords.

Paras, Ethiopia and Put are with them, all with breastplates and helmets; Gomer with all its troops; the house of Togarmah in the far reaches of the north, with all its troops-many peoples are with you.”


Ezekiel 38:7-9 “Prepare yourself [Gog], get ready, you and all your crowd gathered around you; and take charge of them. After many days have passed, you will be mustered for service; in later years you will invade the land which has been brought back from the sword, gathered out of many peoples, the mountains of Isra'el.”


“They had been lying in ruins for a long time, but now Isra'el has been extracted from the peoples and all of them are living there securely. You [Gog] will come up like a storm, you will be like a cloud covering the land- you and all your troops, and many other peoples with you.”


Ezekiel 38:10-11 “Adonai ELOHIM says: ‘When that day comes, thoughts will well up in your mind, and you [Gog] will devise a sinister scheme. You will say, ‘I am going to invade this land of unwalled villages; I will take by surprise these people who are at peace, living securely, all in places without walls, bars or gates. I will seize the spoil and take the plunder.’”


Ezekiel 38:12-13You [Gog] will attack the former ruins that are now inhabited and come against the people gathered from the nations, who have acquired livestock and other wealth and are living in the central parts of the land. Sh'va, D'dan and all the leading merchants of Tarshish will ask you, ‘Have you come to seize spoil? Have you assembled your hordes to loot; to carry off silver, gold, livestock and other wealth; to take much plunder?’”



Ezekiel 38:14-16 “Therefore, human being, prophesy! Tell Gog that Adonai ELOHIM says this: ‘Won't you be aware of it when my people Isra'el are living in security? You will choose just that time to come from your place in the far reaches of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them on horseback, a huge horde, a mighty army [Magog]; and you will invade my people Isra'el like a cloud covering the land.


‘This will be in the acharit-hayamim [latter days]; and I will bring you against my land, so that the Goyim [Gentiles] will know me when, before their eyes, I am set apart as holy through you, Gog.’”


NOTE: The LORD said the same of Pharoah and the Egyptians (Exo. 7:5, Exo. 10:1-2, Exo. 14:4). By means of My victory over you (Gog), I will be recognized as the Only One.




Revelation 22:15 “But outside [of the City] are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.”


Ezekiel 38:17-23 “Adonai ELOHIM says: ‘I spoke of you [Gog] long ago through my servants the prophets of Isra'el. Back then, they prophesied for many years that I would have you invade them. When that day comes, when Gog invades the land of Isra'el,’ says Adonai ELOHIM, ‘my furious anger will boil up.’”


“‘In my jealousy, in my heated fury I speak: when that day comes there will be a great earthquake in the land of Isra'el; so that the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the wild beasts, all the reptiles creeping on the ground and every human being there in the land will tremble before me. Mountains will fall, cliffs crumble and every wall crash to the ground.’


‘I will summon a sword against him [Gog] throughout all my mountains,’ says Adonai ELOHIM; ‘every man will wield his sword against his brother. I will judge him with plague and with blood. I will cause torrential rain to fall on him, his troops and the many peoples with him, along with huge hailstones, fire and sulfur. I will show my greatness and holiness, making myself known in the sight of many nations; then they will know that I am ADONAI.’”


More than once, the LORD so terrified and confused enemy troops, that they fought against each other. The battle of Gideon against the Midianites is one such account (Judges 7:22).




Ezekiel 39:1-5 “So you, human being, prophesy against Gog; say that Adonai ELOHIM says: ‘I am against you, Gog, chief prince of Meshekh and Tuval. I will turn you around, lead you on and bring you from the far reaches of the north against the mountains of Isra'el. But then I will knock your bow out of your left hand and make your arrows drop from your right hand. You will fall on the mountains of Isra'el, you, your troops and all the peoples with you; I will give you to be eaten up by all kinds of birds of prey and by wild animals. You will fall in the open field, for I have spoken,’ says Adonai ELOHIM.”


Ezekiel 39:6-7I will also send fire against Magog and against those living securely in the coastlands; then they will know that I am ADONAI. I will make my holy name known among my people Isra'el; I will not allow my holy name to be profaned any longer. Then the Goyim will know that I am ADONAI, the Holy One in Isra'el.’”


Fire will rain down upon lands distant from Israel and the main battle site. Every rebel will be destroyed. Just as in the story of Korah, Dathan and Abiram (who lead a rebellion against Moses) - though distant from the main confrontation, all of those rebellious in heart were destroyed. Read the story in Numbers Chapter 16.



Isaiah 66:24 “‘And they shall go forth and look upon the corpses of the men who have transgressed against Me. For their worm does not die, And their fire is not quenched. They shall be an abhorrence to all flesh.’”


Jesus quoted from this passage. See Mark 9:44, 46 & 48.


Ezekiel 39:8-10 “‘Yes, this is coming, and it will be done,’ says Adonai ELOHIM; ‘this is the day about which I have spoken. Those living in Isra'el's cities will go out and set fire to the weapons, to use as fuel-the shields, breastplates, bows, arrows, clubs and spears; they will use them for fire seven years; so that they will not need to gather wood from the fields or cut down any from the forests; because they will use the weapons for fire. Thus they will plunder those who plundered them and rob those who robbed them,’ says Adonai ELOHIM.”



Ezekiel 39:11 “‘When that day comes, I will give Gog a place there in Isra'el for graves, the Travelers' Valley, east of the sea; and it will block the travelers’ passage. There they will bury Gog and all his horde, and they will rename it the Valley of Hamon-Gog [Horde of Gog].’”


Ezekiel 39:12-16It will take the house of Isra'el seven months to bury them, in order to cleanse the land. Yes, all the people of the land will be burying them; they will become famous for it. It will be a day for me to be glorified,' says Adonai ELOHIM. They will then pick men for the continual duty of going through the land and burying with the travelers the corpses still lying out on the ground, in order to cleanse it; they will begin their search after the seven months. As they go through the land, if anyone sees a human bone, he will put a marker next to it until the grave diggers have buried it in the Valley of Hamon-Gog. Moreover, “Hamonah" [Its Horde] will be the name of a city. Thus will they cleanse the land.” (Complete Jewish Bible)


NOTE: The “fire” of God kills the rebellious, but it does not char or consume the bodies. This explains why the survivors are described – burying the bodies. This explains why the bodies (at the Second Coming) are left unburied (Jer. 25:33). There will be noone left to bury them. This explains why the bodies of Nadab and Abihu were carried out of the courtyard, by their tunics (Lev. 10:5). All these were consumed by the “fire” of God. The glory of God is “fire,” but not fire in our earthly sense.




Many believe that the current nation of Israel is the fulfillment of the promised “return to the land”. They see the nation as if “resurrected” - like “dry bones” come back to life (Ezekiel 37). I believe that Satan will use these circumstances, to deceive “the very elect.” Before the return of Christ, a terrible attack will threaten to destroy Jerusalem (probably involving Muslim nations, along with Russia and perhaps others). A miracle will “save” Jerusalem. Many will call this the Battle of Gog and Magog.


Destruction of the Temple Mount will open the way for a third Temple to be built. Then the “abomination of desolation” will stand in this defiled “holy place.” Anti-Christ “will make fire come down from heaven in the sight of men” (2Thess. 2:3-4, Rev. 13:13). He will demand worship - finally - on pain of death for disobedience. He will be overthrown by Christ at His coming. (Please see the studies “Masterpiece of Deception and “Another Temple.)


Many are teaching that the Battle of Gog & Magog will take place prior to the Second Coming. I do NOT agree! There is only one Battle of Gog & Magog, and it will clearly be fought AFTER the 7th millennium (Rev. 20:7-10). In Scripture we find this battle only in Revelation 20 and in Ezekiel Chapters 38 - 39. John is writing about the same event which Ezekiel saw. Ezekiel just provides much greater detail.


Revelation 20:7-9 “Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle, whose number is as the sand of the sea.”


The Battle of Gog & Magog is NOT the Battle of Armageddon. The Battle for Armageddon (Mount of the Congregation) DOES take place just at (or just before) the Second Coming. See Revelation 16:16.




Growing up, I was taught that only the wicked would be raised after the 7th millennium. They would be raised to face judgment and then execution. I just don’t believe this any longer.


If “multitudes of those who sleep in the dust” are raised “to shame and everlasting contempt” at the Second Coming (Dan. 12:2-3), if they are then “cut off” from the people of God, and are left to die in the last plagues - isn’t that execution enough? They die, fully aware that they are lost - that their death will be eternal. Why resurrect these same people - a thousand years later - to do it all over again? Please see the study “Judgment Day.


I was taught that the “fire” which destroys Gog and Magog is “the lake of fire” which follows the “great white throne judgment.” IT IS NOT. The final judgment is a separate event, which will follow AFTER the Gog-Magog Battle. Read the text of Revelation Chapter 20. We will examine that final judgment in our next study titled “Final Judgment - Lake of Fire.”



The future return of Israel to the land is called a greater “exodus” (Jer. 16:14-21 & 23:3-8). We should look to the first Exodus to understand the dynamics.


At the first exodus - Israel was accompanied by ANOTHER group of people.

During the wandering, those of the Mixed Multitude were educated in the things of God.

      In the wilderness, one LAW applied to both. By the end of the journey, these people had been incorporated into Israel, or they had died in the wilderness.




Called “the congregation”

In Covenant

Written in the Book

Sons of the Kingdom

Rich in the things of God

Taught of God


Not the chosen


Called “strangers” & “aliens”

Not in covenant

Not written in the Book

Gentiles, strangers, aliens

Taught of God in the wilderness

Could become Israelites

                  - through circumcision




At the FUTURE EXODUS - again TWO types of people are described:



Priests of God

Immortal (spiritual) bodies

Circumcised in heart & flesh

May enter The Temple


The nations

Mortal (physical) bodies


May NOT enter the Temple


At the FUTURE EXODUS, “the nations” will be taught the ways of Yahweh. Some will serve Christ as LORD and King. Others will rebel against Him (just as the first mixed multitude rebelled in the wilderness). Those who choose to serve God, will be circumcised (in heart and in flesh) by LORD Yeshua. They will receive immortal spiritual bodies. Those who choose rebellion, will die at the Battle of Gog-Magog.



In my studies of the enemies of Israel, I discovered that only the “captives of Egypt are promised they will be gathered and returned to their land (Eze. 29:13-15). Why only the “captives of Egypt?” Why not all the captives of Babylon, or Assyria or Rome? I believe it is BECAUSE the original “mixed multitude” were “captives of Egypt.” These were people of mixed race who left Egypt, WITH the Israelites, following Moses into the wilderness. They stood at the foot of Mt. Sinai. They were taught the Law of Yahweh!


If the original Exodus is the model, then the greater Exodus should include a greater mixed multitude”. And it does! The “nations” raised at the last great resurrection. They are a “mixed multitude.”


NOTE: Jeremiah, in his “judgment on the nations” calls them “all the mixed multitude (Jer. 25:15-17). Did you know that there was also a “mixed multitude” at “the return” of Jews to the land, in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah? (Neh. 13:3). Very interesting! History repeats.


The Gog-Magog battle is a rebellion. During The 8th Day (8th millennium) those raised last will be taught of Yahweh and of His law (just as the original mixed multitude heard the Ten Commandments.) They will no longer be ignorant or uninformed.


Many will enter into covenant with God thrrough Christ. In the TYPE, Caleb - a man of great faith - was one of the original mixed multitude. He was a “Kenezite,” meaning a descendant of Kenaz, a son of Esau (Num. 32:12; Josh 14:6,14; Gen. 36:8-11).


I have thought that Enoch (Gen. 5:24) may also be a TYPE of those (from the resurrected nations) who are invited to enter the City of God, at the 8th day. They are taken - by God. They are given new spiritual bodies, and are now “sons of God.”


Others - multitudes - like the sand of the sea (Revelation 20:8) will resent the reign of Christ. They will be deceived (by Satan) into thinking they can overthrow the rulership of Christ, and they will come up to attack Jerusalem, where Christ sits as King. God will then defend His city. Fire will come down from heaven and will consume them.

            The clean-up will take seven months (for the bodies) and seven years (for all the weapons).

FIRE - FIRE - FIRE (A Repeating prophecy)

      1. At the second coming: The earth will be burned up - and the wicked along with it.

      2. At the Gog-Magog battle: The rebellious will be consumed by “fire” from heaven.

      3. At the final judgment of the dead: The lost will be consumed in the “lake of fire.”


In the first two events -- living people are destroyed -- on the earth.

Our next study will continue with the third and final fire event,

Final Judgment - Lake of Fire.


At the third “fire” event - what remains of the wicked from all time,

                  will be consumed in a special “lake of fire.”


1. At the 8th millennium, a last great resurrection will take place.

2. All of those who lived in ignorance of God and His Law will be raised.

3. They will be governed by Christ and His “kingdom of priests”.

4. Many from these nations will come to know the LORD and His ways.

       They will choose to serve Christ as their King.

5. Most from these nations will rebel against the reign of Christ.

6. They will follow a leader named Gog - a great war chief.

7. Gog with His followers (Magog) will invade the land of Israel,

seeking to overthrow Christ.

8. Fire will come down from God out of heaven, and will consume them.


This “fire” will consume all of the rebellious, including those who remain at some distance from the battle site.


9. Cleanup of the bones will take seven months.

       Bones will be buried at a city, set aside for that purpose.

We pray this study will prove a blessing.

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